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Thursday 19 September 2019, 12:04 PM 153 Views

Almadec was founded at the end of November 2018 as a newcomer in the bar-turning world by Stefano Buonpane in Brügg, Switzerland. Annexed to the premises of Buonpane’s first company named Precisteel; Almadec is gradually being built around two SwissNano 4 machines. In fact, the Managing Director decided to establish the new company by centring its production on the precision and reliability of Tornos machines that are known and recognised for their efficiency, stability and outstanding agility.

“After having gained experience for 10 years with ETA, I decided to go into business for myself. We now have fifteen employees.” Precisteel mainly produces parts for industrial machines, for the connector business and for watchmaking. For this target market, Stefano Buonpane decided to invest in new machines and to purchase SwissNano 4 machines. A Deco 10 machine has also been ordered to make sure that in terms of technical capabilities, nothing is left to be desired. “These machines have an excellent reputation. When I bought them, I knew that I made a good investment. My customers often request various special parts that we can now manufacture on these machines.”

Almadec’s spacious premises in Brügg, Switzerland are geared to accommodate an even larger machine inventory and the brand-new equip­ment can cope with the upcoming demands. “We make suggestions and conduct a feasibility study. There is no challenge that can frighten us.” Stefano Buonpane makes his know-how available to the customers and his motivated staff can set machines for complex workpieces from prototypes to large batches. He is a strong partner as regards any machining tasks at hand, be it turning, milling, cylindrical grinding, drilling, internal and external grinding, finishing and assembly.

Almadec’s origins

How did he conceive the name of his new company? The name is composed of the two initial letters of the first names of his two sons, Alessio and Mattia, followed by the three initial letters of the French word for bar turning – décolletage. “I founded this com­pany based on the vision of its future and its permanence. Precisteel is a family-owned enterprise and the same is true for Almadec. And it’s an important asset I am intending to invest in.”

Stefano Buonpane even decided to personalise his new Tornos machines by giving them the names of his two sons. So, in black letters on gray background, the enclosures of the machines are labelled with the forenames Alessio and Mattia. Even if his sons are still very young, he very much hopes that they will succeed him down this road. For now, he is building and conceiving a company according to his own wishes day after day. “Little by little, I’m going to complement my staff. Just recently, I hired an experienced bar turner who had worked in the watchmaking business before. The forecast is favourable and we are all making progress by doing our best every day.”

Stefano Buonpane has every reason to be confident. 13 years of experience with Precisteel enable him to lay solid foundations for Almadec – the latter being a name that soon could earn a reputation and its stripes especially in the watchmaking sector, thanks to powerful high-precision machines from Tornos.

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