Microscopy: Keyence opens a new era with its VHX-7000 digital mode

Tuesday 6 August 2019, 3:45 PM

With 30 years of experience in the field of high magnification observations, Keyence launches its 5th generation of digital microscopes. In addition to the performance of the image processing algorithms of the manufacturer (recognized by all specialists), among the first assets of the VHX-7000, we will not miss to notice its 4K camera, its ergonomics and its adaptability to collaborative work.

Keyence enables experts in high magnification observations to take a new step. Its new digital microscope, the VHX-7000, benefits in particular from its powerful REMAX NEO graphics engine (electronic card and image processing algorithms), unique in the world. And many other features add value to the 30 years of experience of the digital microscope manufacturer in the field of high magnification. The VHX-7000 also has some major new features.

Main technological breakthrough: the 4K CMOS sensor.
Previous generations of digital microscopes use image sensors with up to 1600 x 1200 pixels (UXGA technology). With a 4K sensor (CMOS technology) the resolution offered passes to 4000 x 3000 pixels, about 6 times more points to capture the image of the same room. Before going further, we understand the interest of a very high resolution with, in addition, a very low noise level thanks to the CMOS technology.
Adding to that the whole range of Keyence’s image processing algorithms, the surface analysis possibilities offered by the VHX-7000 are exceptional.

New image treatments!
It would take a long time to review all the optical performance that the VHX-7000 inherits from its predecessors in the Keyence range. Let’s stop, however, with the brand new shadow highlighting feature.
By combining the superposition and the processing of series of images obtained with different angles of illumination, powerful calculations on shadows make it possible to highlight and localize surface defects, usually imperceptible, and this, even in wide field . Thus this function OPTO SEM makes it possible to obtain a visualization of the fine topography on the whole of the sample without having recourse to a high magnification.

Four integrated goals, automatically selected.
Digital microscopes are usually equipped with Zoom lenses, offering the advantage of being able to vary the magnification with a single lens. The VHX-7000 covers the magnification range from 20 times to 6000 times without intervention on the camera and thanks to 4 automatically selected lenses. When changing the lens, the digital zoom allows the user to have no interruption of the image.
As on previous generations, the VHX-7000 stand is tiltable. It thus makes it possible to orient the optical head with respect to the surface of the part to be controlled, which facilitates in particular the observation from all angles. The optical head that it supports consists of the CMOS sensor and a combination of modules consisting of pre-assembled lens blocks and 3 by 3 combined to compose families of magnification. The combination of these elements allows, with only 4 lenses mounted on a motorized selector, to cover magnifications ranging from 20 times to 6000 times: 20-100x, 100-500x, 500-2500x, 2500-6000x. During checks, all adjustments are made without manipulation of the device, using a small ergonomic console.

Augmented reality to help with settings.
In general, users will appreciate the ease of use and ease of use of the VHX-7000.,
The stem of the stand houses a small camera that helps visualization of the focal plane and the sample materialized actually increased on the screen. The stitching operation is thus greatly facilitated, and saves time for locating in space.

A use within the reach of the greatest number.
This ease in the use of the VHX-7000 allows to open the panel of potential users led to use the microscope to make the observations.
In addition, the power of the microscope ensures the reproducibility of controls without the presence of an expert. As part of the same project, the latter will be able to allocate less time to the preparation of samples and controls, to the benefit of the time it will be able to devote to observing and analyzing the results.

Applications in all industries.
Micrography … contamination analysis … particle counting … study of old materials … analysis of fine structures … Applications that will benefit from the use of the VHX-7000 are in many sectors, such as metallurgy … pharmacy … electrical engineering. .. microelectronics … automobile … aeronautics … public research … archeology … scientific police … Etc.

Since 1974, KEYENCE has grown steadily and is constantly innovating to become a global leader in industrial automation and quality assurance solutions.
With an average annual growth of more than 20% over the last five years, KEYENCE’s worldwide sales reach over EUR 4.6 billion in 2018 with a global workforce of 7941 people in 46 countries. This growth is explained by a dense and expert local presence.
KEYENCE is one of Forbes Top 100 Most Innovative Companies for the eighth consecutive year since the 2011 ranking was created. 70% of KEYENCE’s new products represent a world first.

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