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Doosan Machine Tools hosted “Machine Greatness 2019”

Wednesday 20 November 2019, 11:53 AM 578 Views

Doosan Machine Tools hosted “Machine Greatness 2019”, its flagship annual customer event, at its Namsan plant on Wednesday, October 23.

The event was attended by some 280 customers including 220 from Korea and 60 from overseas. Doosan Machine Tools introduced its products and solutions that have been optimized for the latest trends in 5-axis, multitasking and automated processing to allow its customers to excel in their respective business areas in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

DMT introduced 17 new products at the event including the PUMA SMX3100ST, which boasts enhanced multitasking capabilities; the PUMA SMX2600ST, which is equipped with CUFOS, a customized operation system; the 2-Y-axis PUMA TT1300SYY/2100SYY, which realizes even higher productivity thanks to the adoption of a twin-spindle and a twin-turret; the latest new concept 5-axis DVF 5000/6500/8000T; and three automation products equipped with various pallets which are instrumental in improving productivity.

The event also featured a seminar on the theme of 5-axis, multitasking and automation solutions, which highlighted the company’s full lineup of equipped with the latest technologies, introduced worldwide trends in automation technologies, and emphasized the advantages of the company’s turnkey solution.
The participants were also taken on a tour of the factory where they had an an opportunity to observe the company’s 5-axis/multitasking/automation models being assembled on the production lines, boosting their trust in the company’s products.
One of the participants said, “Due to the introduction of the 52-hour work week in Korea, I am deeply interested in automation and considering making investments in 5-axis and automation solutions. I greatly appreciated the event as it gave me an opportunity to learn all about diverse new technological trends and receive technical guidance from experts.”

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