What are the advantages of a HEIDENHAIN retrofit

Thursday 29 April 2021, 2:05 PM

When a machine tool is in good condition, replacing the numerical control with a more efficient version has a positive impact on productivity: this makes it possible to optimize the entire machining process, while extending the life of the machines. machines. The retrofit offers new perspectives, more flexibility and comfort of use. By offering the possibility of machining in fewer steps and in less time, this option improves profitability and reduces costs.

Heidenhain offers the retrofit of your old NC adapting to your needs thanks to a personalized service. In addition, its complete range (digital controls, motors, encoders and measurement rules) of very high quality allows it to guarantee maximum synchronization and precision.

In the industrial production sector, it is common to use old, very expensive and sometimes very bulky machines. The replacement of these machines, installed for several years and which cost several hundreds of thousands of euros, turns out to be a large-scale project: beyond the often substantial delays, the operation also leads to the shutdown of the machines. productions which inevitably has consequences.

In this case, the digital control retrofit is a good alternative to revive a past investment. It gives the workshop and machine tools a second life, at an advantageous cost and time. Especially since some numerical controls even encounter an obsolescence vis-à-vis the last versions of software, which can involve an inability to make updates or to connect to the network. Acquiring a new numerical control not only makes it possible to protect the workshop from this obsolescence, but also, when the mechanics of the machine are compatible, to benefit from very useful software and options to optimize the machining processes.

The retrofit also offers great flexibility to analyze and solve problems directly on the NC thanks to the 3D representation and visualization of the course. Indeed, the 3D graphic representations on the new touch screens are very faithful, taking into account the effective kinematics of the machine and the tools. They are intuitive and easy to handle and give a very close view of the workpiece, even on inclined planes.

Why and when to retrofit?

It is a question of modernizing its work tool by limiting the investment costs. This opens up new doors: to machine with new technologies, to add new functionalities or to access a new market. In the age of industry 4.0, it is becoming possible to ensure full interfacing and connectivity between the machine and the rest of the company, through production or maintenance management software such as StateMonitor. The workshop then has a production tool that meets current modern standards: an essential asset so as not to be left behind by the competition. It is even becoming possible to use CAM software when machining complex 3D surfaces, for example for the production of molds which contain a lot of points to be processed. Beyond that, the saving in machining time is real, the reading of blocks being much faster on a recent numerical control! The company ensures the safety of the machining processes thanks to the anti-collision options present on recent NCs, such as the DCM option available on the TNC 640. Not to mention an increase in tool life: for example, the AFC option, available on the latest HEIDENHAIN digital controls, reduces tool wear by adjusting the spindle load with the machining feeds.

An attractive interface for young talents

In all companies in industry sectors, having a modern numerical control will help attract the talents of the new generations who will take over. Indeed, being accustomed to working with technology, they will be more inclined to join a company with current standard equipment to use it during their career.

Flexibility and versatility

CN’s flexibility and versatility are major assets for remaining competitive and gaining autonomy. Indeed, even if the use of a CAM programming software is common today, having the possibility of programming sequences in 2 and 3 axes directly on the NC allows the operators to save time and to adapt easily. to different situations.

Computing speed

In 5-axis applications, the NC must process hundreds of thousands of data points and must execute them with very high precision. It is therefore important, in addition to having a machine with mechanics in good condition, that it can process all this data very quickly and without difficulty: we are talking about processing time in milliseconds.


HEIDENHAIN is the world reference for very high precision linear and angular positioning measurement: encoders, rulers and probes are combined with sophisticated operating electronics. High performance NCs and the ETEL direct drive range (torque motor, linear motor, stages) complete the offer. Thus, HEIDENHAIN meets the needs of many industries: machine tools, electric motors, metrology, robotics, electronics, semiconductor or medical.

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