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TTGroup France inaugurates its new premises in the Paris region

Tuesday 6 August 2019, 3:14 PM 358 Views

A showroom available to customers and distributors

Ile Saint Denis (93), July 3, 2019. TTGroup France, the French subsidiary of the n ° 1 Taiwan machine tool manufacturer created in late 2017, continues its development and moved to new premises in the Paris region. It now has a showroom.

Until now, TTGroup France was based in Saint-Etienne (42), in the premises of the company PCI -Process Conception Ingénierie (formerly a subsidiary of Peugeot Citroën) – bought by the group in 2015. Moving into Paris region represents a strong sign of TTGroup’s desire to continue its evolution on the French market. The head office of the company remains in Saint-Etienne.

On June 19, 2019, TTGroup inaugurated its new premises located on Ile Saint Denis (93). Bernard Besse, head of TTGroup France, was joined by Kangta Lin -responsible of Tongtai Europe-, Andrew Kung-APEC Director-, Joseph Chen -vice-president of Honor Seiki- and Patrice Gambier, Managing Director of TTGroup France and Deputy Chief Executive Officer PCI-SCEMM.

TTGroup, headed by Mr. Jui-Hsiung Yen, has 2,180 employees and a turnover of € 326 million (2018). The headquarters of TTGroup is located in Kaohsiung, Southern Science Park, Taiwan. The annual production represents 2500 machines from production sites in Taiwan (4), China, France (PCI) and Austria. TTGroup operates worldwide through 20 subsidiaries and offices and 60 agents.

A well-defined sales organization and a showroom for customers and distributors

In its new premises in the Paris region, TTGroup France has a showroom that will show running machines to potential customers, including new models. In addition, the team will be able to prepare demonstrations or tests for customers and distributors.

Among the distributors in the East of France, the collaboration was reinforced in January 2018 with TECHNI-CN, distributor Tongtai since 1992. It began in March 2018 with GEOLINE in the West, then with NECMO in the South . TTGroup France provides commercial support to these three distributors and sells directly in the north and the Paris region since March 2019. Each distributor is in charge of after-sales service for its customers. TTGroup France remains the interlocutor of all customers, if necessary.

Geographically, TTGroup France is now easier to access for French, European and Taiwanese distributors. In addition, the subsidiary is 450 km from Tongtai Europe which manages the stock of machines, spare parts and technical support related to the demonstrations.

Recall that the French subsidiary offers solutions for general mechanics, the aeronautical industry and additive metal manufacturing. Its goal is to develop the brands TONGTAI-TOPPER, APEC and HONOR SEIKI in France. Tongtai, the largest company of TTGroup-1600 employees, 2000 machines a year- was established in 1969 in Taiwan. APEC -112 people, 60 machines a year- is a manufacturer of 5-axis portal centers of large dimensions, specialized for the aeronautical industry. HONOR SEIKI -200 employees, 500 machines a year- is a manufacturer of vertical towers.

The road map of TTGroup France

In the short term, ie by 2021, the goal is to quickly reach an overall level of 30 machines per year. TTGroup France’s strategy is to increase the visibility and reputation of the brand. It is also a question of developing the sales of the most common machine tool models, especially the most recent ones, in the general engineering sector for SMEs. Finally, to introduce APEC gantry centers in France.

In the medium term, it will of course continue to develop sales. Part of the effort will be focused on the aerospace industry, including prime contractors and equipment manufacturers.

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About TTGroup:

TONGTAI, the leader of the TTGroup Group was created in 1969 in Taiwan by a Japanese, Mr. Yoshii who instilled rigor and quality in the organization of design and production. In 1986, TONGTAI began a cooperation with the design offices of Japanese manufacturers (Aisin, Hitachi, Kiryu, ..). Taiwan’s IPO dates back to 2003, and from 2004, TONGTAI acquires Taiwanese companies to complete the machine tool line (HONOR vertical lathe manufacturer, APEC manufacturer of large 5-axis gantry centers dimensions, specialized for the aeronautical industry). In 2011, TTGroup is part of the “Top 100 Taiwan Brands” of the Ministry of Economy. In 2015, TTGroup, which generates 80% of its turnover in Asia, decided to move deeper into Europe. It acquires the French company PCI -Peugeot Citroën Industrie-, which specializes in the design and manufacture of automated lines for automotive parts, from its own horizontal centers. Then from the Austrian company ANGER, specialized in the production of multi-spindle centers for the automotive industry. In the same year, the commercialization of metal additive manufacturing machines, developed by TONGTAI, began. TTGroup is now headed by Mr. Jui-Hsiung YEN, headquartered in Kaohsiung, Southern Science Park, Taiwan. The workforce of TTGroup is over 2100 employees with a turnover of 326 million euros (2018). The group has more than 20 subsidiaries and offices worldwide and 7 production sites (4 in Taiwan, 1 in China, 1 in France and 1 in Austria).

TTGroup France, managed by Bernard Besse, is based in L’Ile Saint Denis (93) since June 2019. The headquarters of the company is based in Saint-Etienne (42), in the premises of PCI. The French subsidiary aims to develop TONGTAI, APEC and HONOR brands in France.

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