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The company will be exhibiting six machines on the stand – all of them proven market-leaders, with a number of them making their MACH debuts at this year’s event.

The machines comprise – an AgieCharmilles wire EDM machine (a CUT P 550 Pro); two Mikron 5-axis machining centres (a MILL P 500UD and a MILL E 700U with an integrated pallet changer)); an AgieCharmilles FORM P 350 EDM die-sink machine integrated with a System 3R WorkPartner 1+ automation system; the new AgieCharmilles CUT AM 500 (a wire-cut machine machine specifically designed for AM applications), and the new DMP Flex 350 (a robust and flexible metal 3D printing machine).

Two major themes running across GF Machining Solutions’ stand and the technology being showcased are automation (utilising the company’s WorkShopManager and CellManager technologies) and rConnect (the company’s Live Remote Assistance and Machine Monitoring platform).

In addition to the six ‘physical’ machines on the stand, GF Machining Solutions’ product, technical and customer service staff will be available throughout the Show to talk to visitors about the company’s pedigree and prowess in delivering advanced manufacturing solutions to customers. These solutions include:

• Micro-machining

• Laser ablation and texturing

• Dedicated 5-axis machining of turbine blades, impellers, blisks etc.

The machines on view: Wire EDM

1. AgieCharmilles CUT P 550 Pro

GF Machining Solutions’ CUT P series of advanced wire EDM machines provide precision component manufacturers and mould makers with improved accuracies and repeatability’s, cutting speeds and process reliability.

At the heart of the CUT P 550 machine is a new, intelligent IPG (Intelligent Power Generator) that improves cutting performance (from previous models) by an impressive 20%.

The machine also features a number of ‘onboard’ automation solutions that improve machine tool utilisation and uptime as well as reducing operational costs. These include the machine’s new and innovative Automatic Slug Management (ASM) and Automatic Slug Welding (ASW) capabilities.

The CUT P 550 is equipped with sophisticated thermo-stabilisation technology (delivering accuracies down to down to 2 µm and surface finishes down to Ra 0.08 µm); Advanced taper cutting accuracy via its EXPERT systems, and improved energy-saving  ECONOWATT functionality.

The CUT P 550 will be showcased along with another innovative development from GF Machining Solutions in the area of consumables that specifically concerns SMART wire technology. This new technology features EDM wire embedded with radio frequency (RFID) chips that helps minimise human error (in identifying the correct wire), and improves process quality and reliability, stock and process traceability and part cost calculation.

The machines on view: Die-Sink EDM

1. AgieCharmilles FORM P 350 with System 3R WorkPartner 1+ automation system

From faster rib machining to micro-machining, the AgieCharmilles FORM family of Die-Sink EDM solutions is evidence of GF Machining Solutions’ continued and significant investments to advance Die-Sink technology.

The result of this drive and commitment is the AgieCharmilles FORM series of machines that deliver unrivalled performance irrespective of the electrode material used or preferred (i.e. copper or graphite).

Perfectly repeatable machining of micro-cavities is just one example of the manufacturing challenges that are resolved with the FORM P 350, and innovative (integrated) technologies, such as iGAP, ensures the fast and accurate machining of rib cavities with a superior and homogenous surface finish.

Manufacturers requiring maximum productivity from their FORM P 350 machine can exploit the machine’s eConnectivity and MTConnect features that enable them to stay informed of the machine’s status.

The FORM P 350 machine at MACH 2020 will be integrated with a System 3R WorkPartner 1+ automation system to demonstrate to visitors how easily a die-sink machine’s productivity and performance can be improved.

The machines on view: 5-axis machining centres

1. Mikron MILL P 500UD

The Mikron MILL P 500UD is a ultra high-performance (simultaneous) 5-axis machining centre that offers powerful and dynamic material removal capabilities, thermal stability and high stiffness, to deliver unrivalled precision and surface finish on complex parts.

The Mikron MILL P 500 UD features a thermo-stable and symmetrical design – so that even when machining at a fast pace and over long production periods, accuracy and process reliability remain high and consistent.

The machine delivers fast acceleration (1.7g) and is equipped with a powerful 36kW Step-Tec motor spindle that enables the machine to get down to business fast. Direct angle measuring systems are mounted on the machine’s rotary and tilting axes to guarantee high positional and repeatable accuracies.

The MILL P 500U provides manufacturers with exceptional competitiveness by integrating smart automation and ensuring process reliability.

2. Mikron MILL E 700U

The Mikron MILL E 700U (5-axis) machine is a high-efficiency machining centre with a rigid C-frame construction, large-sized guideways and a double-supported rotary table that delivers high accuracies and surface finishes, improved process reliability and optimised chip removal rates.

The machine is equipped with up to a 36kW/20,000rpm spindle (120Nm), a direct rotary tilting table (-65/+120 degrees), a large ATC (up to 215 tools), 30m/min rapids, a 450kg maximum table load and an integrated work-piece pallet changer (up to 7 pallets).

The machines on view: Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

1. AgieCharmilles CUT AM 500

The CUT AM 500 is a horizontal, fast wire EDM. This fast, precise and automation-ready machine is dedicated to metal additive manufacturing (AM), making it easy to separate additively manufactured metal parts from the build plate while maintaining geometrical accuracy and ensuring assembly readiness.

Accommodating parts up to 510 x 510 x 510 mm (including the base plate) and up to 500 kg in weight, the CUT AM 500 uses 0.2mm diameter wire to separate additively manufactured parts from the build platform at a maximum cutting speed of 300 mm2/m. It delivers ±0.1 mm accuracy and surface roughness of less than 6 μm. This solution brings together horizontal wire orientation, an integrated basket to catch separated parts and a rotary axis to create a robust process supporting the part, easy part handling and prevention of damage to the part.

2. DMP Flex 350 (from 3D Systems)

The DMP Flex 350 produces high-quality precision parts up to 275 x 275 x 380 mm made of high-performance metal alloys. The machine represents an integrated metal 3D printing solution that includes a production DMP printer, 3DXpert software and Lasrform materials,

The DMP Flex 350 delivers the purest atmosphere during printing: a consistently low oxygen environment (fewer than 25 parts per million). This solution ensures excellent microstructures and very high density and stable mechanical properties.

High-productivity 3D metal printing is ensured by the machine’s fast, bidirectional material deposition. At the same time, users’ productivity is accelerated by high printer utilisation and short changeover time


Says Martin Spencer, GF Machining Solutions’ (UK), managing director:

“We are showcasing a comprehensive cross-section of advanced technology solutions to visitors.

“Few, if any, machine tool company can offer the depth and breadth of different (yet often complimentary) manufacturing technologies as GF Machining Solutions, and the six machines being exhibited demonstrates that we are a company who’s technologies are literally light years ahead.”

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