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Optomec Showcases Production Systems for the Repair of Gas Turbine Engine Components at Asia-Pac’s Premier MRO Conference

Thursday 26 September 2019, 10:29 AM 194 Views

Optomec, a global leader in production-grade additive manufacturing solutions has announced that the company will showcase its industry proven LENS and Huffman systems for 3D printed metal repair of gas and turbine engine components at the MRO Asia- Pac conference in Singapore this week.  Highlighting its exhibition will be examples of Optomec-repaired turbine and compressor blade tips, vanes, and hard facing, as well as metal components produced by the industry’s first and only atmosphere-controlled LENS Hybrid System for additive and subtractive processing of metals (including titanium and aluminum).

In addition, to the exhibition, Mr. Scott Baylor, Optomec Laser Process Specialist, will give a presentation titled “Automated Laser Cladding for the Repair of High Value GTE Components – Increase Quality, Throughput and Lower MRO Costs” on Sept. 25 at 2 pm in Session 301.  Mr. Baylor’s presentation will explain how Automated Laser Cladding (aka; Laser Welding, Directed Energy Deposition) is a production-proven, cost-effective process for repairing high value metal GTE components used in the Aviation and Electric Power Generation Industries.  Local civilian aviation authorities in 15 countries have certified repairs of flight critical GTE components made with the Optomec/Huffman automated Laser Cladding process. With its integrated vision system for adapting the laser path for component variations, Automated Laser Cladding improves quality, increases throughput and reduces costs compared to other repair processes such as manual TIG welding. Mr. Baylor will present specific use cases, such as the repair of turbine and compressor blade tips, vanes, and hard facing, and will provide a cost/quality comparison of the laser cladding process to manual TIG welding.

The Aviation Week MRO Asia-Pacific Conference is the region’s premier event for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul. The event brings together influential members of the global and local aviation MRO industry to discuss the latest issues and concerns of operators and their service providers and suppliers.

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