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norelem reassures with its range of collet chucks

Thursday 29 April 2021, 2:15 PM

Designed to hold workpieces in a precise and tight position, norelem’s range of collet chucks offer real support to engineers in their jobs of turning, milling, polishing, gear cutting and workpiece inspection.

The chucks are tightened using a nut or a clamping screw, so that the diameter of the chuck collar is always concentric with the diameter to be tightened, which ensures a high level of precision, guaranteed in all applications. Marcus Schneck, CEO of norelem, said “By offering them these collet chucks, engineers can secure mounted parts, so that turned parts can be completed safely and quickly.

Ensuring that the workpieces in place to be machined are secure is essential to avoid workplace accidents, keeping machine parts in position will also improve accuracy and precision during machining. ”The norelem range of chucks with lateral clamping is particularly suitable for the secondary transformation and reworking of turned and milled parts with blind holes.

These mandrels are made of mild steel due to its weldability and machinability, which provides engineers with flexibility for component remodeling. This range includes chucks for drilling through holes and blind holes with lateral clamping, in 11 different sizes, from 4.1 to 175 millimeters. Depending on the size and model, norelem chucks can achieve clamping forces of up to 44.5 kN.

Since almost all parts have a drill hole, clamping equipment can be used easily and universally in a variety of industries and applications. Engineers can find the components in norelem’s general catalog, THE BIG GREEN BOOK.

Datasheets and CAD files are available online, and can be ordered directly from norelem’s online store.

About norelem

Manufacturer and supplier, norelem is the world leader in standard components for construction and mechanical engineering.

60,000 product references make up the general range, which covers all the needs of companies in terms of standard mechanical elements as well as systems and components for the construction of machines and installations.

All our parts are available in CAD data, they can be downloaded directly from the site and facilitate the use of our references from the design of your projects. In constant search for new ideas, norelem supports its industrial and university partners in the development of their projects, as well as in the creation of new tools improving tightening techniques (Tool Catalog).

98% of the parts are available in stock with for each reference the possibility of having technical assistance guiding your choices.

Do not stop your production tools, all orders placed before 3:00 p.m. on our site will be shipped the same day, i.e. a delay of 24:00 for France.

THE BIG GREEN BOOK is not a simple catalog, it is the partner of all manufacturers! Its classification by families facilitates your research, technical information as well as product specifications accelerate your design times.

THE BIG GREEN BOOK becomes a unique tool in project management assistance and in standard mechanical construction.

THE BIG GREEN BOOK is the universal guide for all manufacturers operating in the ecosystem of the mechanical industry: thus making norelem your supplier of global solutions.

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